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this profile was created by mahmad26's friend
quick look
Gender / Age:Male, 45 years
Location:VA, United States
Speaks:Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu

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About Myself

Assalamu Alaikum, I am Sunni Muslim. Independent, Educated and from a well educated family. All siblings are well settled. I am an Engineer and hold Masters and MBA degrees.
I like traveling, long drive, watching movies, like good Pakistani, Mediterranean, fast food and spending time with family.
I am married (No kids) and looking for another wife! (Preferably a widow). People ask me for reason! Do I really need to have reason!! I strongly believe I don't need reason or excuses for another marriage that my religion allows me to do as long I do it right according to Sharia laws (If you don't want to be another wife please don't show interest). I know a husband responsibilities and will take care of you, your needs and give you a respectable decent life in sha ALLAH. My parents are rarely in Pakistan and most siblings are married and settled abroad.
About nature and personality: I am honest, I don't like lies. I am Moderate to conservative in nature. Less talkative. Friendly and jolly. Listen and accept good ideas and suggestions. I think positive, try to stay happy and like to see people around me happier. Happy with whatever I am blessed with in life. AlhamduLILLAH.
I am against the hindu traditions in our society and like to keep things simple. I am completely against anything that put burdens on girl or her family in marriages.
I can't share picture here due to some work related reason. I will share as soon you ask.
Will share more on communication.

Profile Basics

Profile Posted By:Friend
Age:45 years
Country:United States
State / Province:Virginia
Residence Status:Permanent Resident

Physical Appearance

Height:6'0" (182 cm)
Weight :270 lb
Body Type:Muscular
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Facial Hair:Clean Shaven

Cultural Background

Country of Birth:Pakistan
Country of Origin:Pakistan
Languages:Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu
Family Values:Moderate

Social Background

Education:Masters (M.A/Msc/MBA)
Annual Income:not specified  
Marital Status: (no kids)
Diet:Non-Vegetarian (Halal)

My Ideal Match

Looking for good Sunni Muslimah ethnically from Pakistan (preferably). Punctual in prayers, wears hijab or willing to wear it, moderate to conservative. Religion is very important to me. Should be clean and organized person, fast Ramadan, Religious, fulfill basic duties of Islam at minimum, likes cooking and home management. Should be family oriented person. Honest, sincere, caring, educated, loving and loyal.
Should be willing to be another wife. If you live in USA/Canada then should be willing to relocate to VA. If living in Pakistan then should be willing to live in Pakistan. You will have an independent living for you as my parents rarely in Pakistan and siblings are settled abroad. If not in USA/Canada and Pakistan then we need to discuss what works for us. You can be single, a widow or divorcee with kids or no kids. If you have kids then I will take/share responsibility of kids as well. This is one reason another marriage is allowed as Muslim society is responsible to take care of orphans, widows, divorcee needs in respectable manners.
I am not here for fun or time pass. Serious people should contact only. I am not looking for long term chit chat or friendship unless we both think we are compatible and agree on moving forward to marriage (this site has an objective. It is to find spouse and NOT to find friends. We should not abuse it). I appreciate your time and Thanks for reading the profile. Good Luck!

Preferred Partner's Profile

Profile Posted By:Any
Age:25 - 40
State / Province:Any
Residence Status:Any

Preferred Appearance

Weight ::Any
Body Type:Any
Eye Color:Any
Hair Color:Any
I Wear Hijab:Always, Often, Occasionally

Preferred Cultural Background

Country of Birth:Any
Country of Origin:Any
Religion:Muslim (Sunni)
Family Values:Conservative, Moderate

Preferred Social Background

Education:College Graduate - Diploma, Bachelors (B.A/BSc/BBA), Masters (M.A/Msc/MBA), Doctorate (Ph.D)
Annual Income:
Marital Status:Any (no children)
Diet:Non-Vegetarian (Halal)

What do you do for fun / entertainment??

Cooking / Food, Family, Movies / Cinema, Traveling,

What sort of food do you like??

Barbecue, Continental, Fast Food / Pizza, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Other, Arabic,

What sports do you play or like to watch??

Cricket, Soccer,
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