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meeraville created this profile herself
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Gender / Age:Female, 41 years
Location:CA, United States
Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Speaks:Persian (Farsi)

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About Myself

I don't have any high demands from anyone but I strongly believe in give respect and get respect as that's very important in any relationship. I'm a very simple and down to earth person rather my friends say that I'm too gullible. I'm very romantic and respect sentimental values. The essence of a great relationship is good communication romance and strong bonding.
I don't socialize too much rather would prefer to spend good quality time with my family and enjoy time with them instead. I'm very friendly and have a lot of love to give. I guess you would only know when you get to know me as putting it in writing seems like I'm self praising myself.
I'm non judgmental and I trust very easily even though I have had a very bitter experience. I am a positive person and I don't like negative people around me.
I do offer my prayers but I would say that religion is something between a person and Allah as HE knows all. So I try to follow the right path and do as much good deeds as possible to make a better place in the other world as this is a temporary life for us all.
We should make the most of every passing moment and pass on as much happiness as possible as life is too short.

Profile Basics

Profile Posted By:Self
Age:41 years
Country:United States
State / Province:California
Residence Status:Permanent Resident

Physical Appearance

Height:5'7" (170 cm)
Weight :130 lb
Complexion:Wheatish Fair
Body Type:Slim/Skinny
Eye Color:Light Green
Hair Color:Grey - White
I Wear Hijab:Occasionally

Cultural Background

Country of Birth:United Kingdom
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Languages:Persian (Farsi)
Family Values:Conservative

Social Background

Education:Bachelors (B.A/BSc/BBA)
Occupation:Interior Designer
Annual Income:not specified  
Marital Status:Divorced (with kids)

My Ideal Match

I just want my husband to be my best friend and guide I would want him to be there for me in time of need and in happiness as I shall be there for him at all times. I believe in unconditional love. I'm not looking for very good looks but I want a person who has a heart and would be compassionate and understanding as I'm ready to give 100 to him.
I would love it if he has children of his own too as I am a mother and I really know what it is to be a parent. I'm not bragging about myself but I know that I would love his children as my own.
Small small things make me happy .marriage means love trust and respect.
I'll like to be With whom I can stay like a best friend and trust completely.
You should understand that I am presently in a divorce hence I am very discreet about this.

Preferred Partner's Profile

Profile Posted By:Any
State / Province:Any
Residence Status:Any

Preferred Appearance

Weight ::Any
Body Type:Any
Eye Color:Any
Hair Color:Any
Facial Hair:Any

Preferred Cultural Background

Country of Birth:Any
Country of Origin:Any
Family Values:Any

Preferred Social Background

Annual Income:
Marital Status:Any

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