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hassijan1 created this profile himself
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Gender / Age:Male, 24 years
Location:Punjab, Pakistan
Speaks:English, Punjabi, Urdu
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About Myself

Assalam o Alaikum!
My name is Hassan Mehmood.
I've always trusted my heart's guidance, believing in my capabilities and living by high standards. Treating others with kindness and respect has always been a principle I hold. Time is a precious commodity, and I strive to make every moment count, seeking positivity even in the face of challenges.
My intuition has been a steadfast companion, guiding me through life's twists and turns. I'm not afraid to speak up for what I believe in, drawing strength from the resilience I've cultivated during difficult times.

Profile Basics

Profile Posted By:Self
Age:24 years
State / Province:Punjab
Residence Status:Permanent Resident

Physical Appearance

Height:6'2" (187 cm)
Weight :176 lb
Complexion:Wheatish Medium
Body Type:Average
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Facial Hair:Medium Length Beard

Cultural Background

Country of Birth:Pakistan
Country of Origin:Pakistan
Languages:English, Punjabi, Urdu
Family Values:Liberal

Social Background

Education:Masters (M.A/Msc/MBA)
Occupation:Media Professional
Annual Income:USD  10,000 to 20,000
Marital Status:Never Married (no kids)
Diet:Non-Vegetarian (Halal)

My Ideal Match

I'm drawn to a girl who embodies thoughtfulness, compassion, affection, and kindness. Someone whose gestures of love are spontaneous, driven purely by her affection for me, and whose smile effortlessly ignites warmth and joy in my heart whenever it meets mine.

Preferred Partner's Profile

Profile Posted By:Any
Age:18 - 30
State / Province:Any
Residence Status:Any

Preferred Appearance

Height:162-172 cm (5'4" - 5'8")
Weight ::128-138 lb
Complexion:Wheatish Fair
Body Type:Average
Eye Color:Any
Hair Color:Any
I Wear Hijab:Any

Preferred Cultural Background

Country of Birth:Any
Country of Origin:Any
Family Values:Any

Preferred Social Background

Annual Income:
Marital Status:Never Married (no children)

What sports do you play or like to watch??

Biking, Boxing, Cricket, Golf, Gym / Weight Training, Hiking, Horse Riding, Jogging / Running, Rugby, Table Tennis, Tennis / Badminton, Yoga / Pilates,

What do you do for fun / entertainment??

Art / Painting, Beach / Parks, Cars / Mechanics, Computers / Internet, Cooking / Food, Dancing, Dinner Parties, Education, Family, Home Improvement, Motorcycles, Movies / Cinema, Music (Listening), Music (Playing), News / Politics, Pets, Photography, Reading, Shopping, TV: Educational / News, TV: Entertainment, Traveling, Video / Online Games, Boxing,

What sort of food do you like??

Chinese / Dim Sum, Fast Food / Pizza, Indian, Other,

What sort of music are you into??

Rap, Classical / Opera, Jazz / Blues, Pop, Arabic, Indian,
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